Yin Workshop with Lade Akande
Saturday, October 9th from 1 – 3 pm, Broad Ripple Location


Western society tends to associate the word “challenge” with activities that are hard, strenuous, make us sweat and push us to our edge. But challenge can also look like rest, softening, exploring our edge and then breathing there in stillness for extended periods of time.

In an effort to bring balance to our more Yang-like lifestyles of school, work and navigating a new normal, this two hour Yin Workshop will offer a different kind of challenge. Please join Lade for an intentional practice that will explore a series of shapes that will bring awareness to the depths of where we are holding our emotional experiences in the subtle layers of the body.

All levels welcome!

Registration Information:
Online registration for this workshop will open Saturday, October 2nd. Cost: $30.

If you would like to register in advance and receive $5 off the cost of the workshop, please email Tiffany@indyyogastudio.com or register in-studio (use promo code: YIN5 at checkout). Early bird pricing will be valid through October 1st.