Workshops + Events

Candlelight Grief Workshop Friday, December 16th with Angela Compton and Lade Akande 🕯

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm at the Broad Ripple Studio

Cost: $30 – Must purchase a One Workshop Package before registering for this workshop. Buying a package does not register you for the workshop, please make sure to register for the workshop after the package has been purchased.

When someone is grieving, we often hear them say they have a broken heart. Grieving not only occurs mentally and emotionally but in the body as well. Our heart physically aches! Through breathwork, gentle body movements, and reflective meditation, we can begin to find relief. Since these feelings can intensify over the holidays, we invite you to join Lade and Angela for a candlelit Yoga practice in a safe and compassionate space that will honor all forms of loss.