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Spring Ayurveda Workshop with Bhawna Mittal

Sunday, March 5th from 1 – 3 pm
Broad Ripple Studio
Cost: $30

Are you ready to welcome a Healthy Spring? Create rhythm and balance in your physical, emotional and mental health with this Ayurvedic Spring Workshop. In this two hour workshop you will explore a Spring Yoga Practice with Pranayama, Mudras and daily routines from an Ayurveda perspective.

According to Ayurveda, one of the keys to maintaining health is to practice Dincharya (seasonal routines). Adjusting your daily self-care rituals to seasonal changes helps you maintain balance and reminds you that we are a part of the natural world.

We invite you to honor nature’s calling to embrace the renewal and new beginnings spring has to offer with an Ayurvedic approach.

Receive Ayurvedic wisdom and remedies that will allow you to greet spring with energy and enthusiasm! Join us for an engaging, fascinating workshop of yoga and Ayurveda bliss!

Workshop highlights:
• Spring Yoga practice & pranayama
• Understand importance of seasonal routine in Ayurveda
• Spring Supportive diet
• Spring daily routine
• Spring lifestyle
• Ayurvedic herbs for spring season.

*Must purchase a One Workshop Package prior to registering for this workshop. Purchasing the workshop does not register you for the workshop, please continue to booking after workshop package has been purchased. You will receive a confirmation after booking the workshop!