Everyone’s health and safety is our top priority.  Below are the new procedures that will be put in place, going beyond mandated state and local requirements.  We appreciate your patience and support as we roll out our new studio protocols!

Online Registration – We are requesting that students pre-register for all classes. Online registration will be available 7 days prior.  You can register through the studio’s website or by using the Mind Body app.  If using the app, be sure to favorite each of the studio’s locations, as each schedule is listed separately.  All three studios will be OPEN!

Waitlists – If a class is full, you can still add yourself to the waitlist.  You will be notified by email and/or text if you are bumped into class.  Please be sure to immediately respond to this notification!  Text responses are preferred, as they automatically update the system.

Cancellation Policy – All classes must be cancelled 8 hours prior to the start of class.  We ask for everyone’s commitment to being considerate and canceling all class reservations in a timely manner.

Updated Waivers Online – There is a new online waiver that we will be asking everyone to sign before they attend class.  To access, please log into your account by clicking HERE and it will automatically pop up if you are still needing to sign it.

Extended Package Expiration Dates – All packages have been extended by the 3 months the studio was closed.

Staff and Self Checks – If any staff or students feel unwell, have a cough, fever, or symptoms of COVID-19, we are asking those individuals to not come to the studio until you are symptom-free and fever-free for 14 days.   

Masks – Per the state mask mandate that went into effect on July 9, 2020, a face mask in public is required. Please wear a face covering when entering and exiting the studio. It is not required that you wear a mask during practice however,  we do ask that you wear your mask in all common areas of the studio.  #maskupindy

Temperature Check – All students and staff members will be required to have a temperature check with our temporal infrared thermometer before entering the studio. If any student or staff member has a temperature of 100.4 or above they will not be able to participate in class.

Check-In Process – We are asking that everyone wait outside and check-in one at a time (only one person will be allowed at the front desk at a time).  Once you are inside the studio, there will be hand sanitizer at the desk and we will ask that you please use it before entering the yoga room.  Once in the yoga room, you will leave your belongings in the back of the room, rather than congregating at the cubbies.

Limit Your Belongings – Because we will be bringing our belongings into the yoga room, we ask that you limit your belongings and be sure that are cell phones are turned off/silent.

Contactless Payments – We will be requesting that packages be purchased online and credit cards are stored in your online account, to allow for contactless payment at the studio.

Studio Updates – Air purifiers have been added to each studio room as an additional safety measure.

Social Distancing within the Studio – Our class sizes will be significantly reduced to allow 6 feet in between… side to side and front to back at each of our three studios.  Extra-long mats will no longer be allowed.

Leaving Class – We are asking that all students exit out the College Avenue door (Broad Ripple) and side door (City Center), to create a flow of one way in, one way out.  Students will enter and exit through the same door at the Annex, but we ask that you stagger to leave.  Access to retail, restrooms and showers will still be available, we just ask that you maintain social distance when in these areas.

Adjusted Class Times – All 75-minute classes will now be 60 minutes and some class start times will be adjusted by 15 minutes.  This will allow at least 30 minutes between classes to clean.  Please be sure to double-check the schedule online!

No Mat or Towel Rentals – Mats and towels will no longer be available for rent, but both can be purchased in studio.

No Use of Studio Props – We will no longer have studio props available for use, but feel free to bring your own personal blocks or bolsters.

Stay for the Entire Class – We are asking that all students stay through the end of class, to minimize disruptions and to maintain social distancing.

Continued Cleaning Diligence – The Yoga Studio has always had high cleaning standards, but we will add even more frequent disinfecting of high traffic areas.

Live Virtual Classes – Live Virtual classes will continue to be offered, but the studio will be transitioning to the Mind Body platform starting in June. These virtual classes will be listed on our schedule, so if you are not able to get into a class or do not feel comfortable yet coming into the studio, you will have another option.  These virtual classes will be free at first, but then will be included in the unlimited packages or if you have a package, you can use a class from that package to sign up.  More information to come!