Beginning INFormation

Whether you are new to yoga or new to our studio, we believe that you deserve the best possible yoga experience. Please read the information below to help you prepare for class, get the best tips possible, and receive the most from your practice! We are excited to meet you!


  • New Student Intro Offer As a new student you are entitled to two weeks of unlimited yoga for $29 and receive 10% off any regularly priced package or retail purchase during your two weeks! This two week special can be used at both studio locations.
  • What if I have never practiced Yoga before? At The Yoga Studio, we do not have “class levels.” All classes are appropriate regardless of student experience. If you are new to a yoga practice, we recommend your first class be a Short Form Ashtanga class or a Slow Flow class. Our Short Form Ashtanga follows the same sequence each class and consists of postures that build up throughout the class to help bring your body and mind into alignment. Focusing on fluid movement, our Slow Flow class incorporates all aspects of a Hot Vinyasa practice and yet flows with a somewhat lighter pace and is more guided than other rigorous classes. For more information on class options please view our class descriptions.
  • I haven’t worked out in a long time, can I still practice yoga? Yes! Meet yourself with where you are today, each day and each practice will be different. It can take a few classes to acclimate to the heat. The nervous system responds to our breath. Breathing through the nose helps keep the nervous system calm. Feel free to stop and rest or lie down on your mat anytime. We are here to make your yoga experience the best possible to keep you coming back! With a number of classes on the schedule we encourage you to try them all to see what feels best for you!
  • How often should I come? We encourage you to practice as often as possible especially during your first two weeks of unlimited yoga. Yoga is an ancient tradition, intended to be practiced daily and yet we understand it’s often unrealistic to attend class every day. We do ask that you make every attempt to try a variety of classes and teachers where you’ll have opportunities to connect with fellow students. Yoga is a lifelong journey and we are committed at The Yoga Studio to give you the tools where you’ll develop a daily practice that can be used either here or at home.
  • Will I feel lightheaded? Because hot yoga is detoxifying, you may feel a little lightheaded or perhaps experience an upset stomach. This is, again, why we suggest coming as often as possible during your first two weeks. It may take several visits to become acclimated to the heat and if, at any time, your body tells you to rest, do so either in a seated posture or child’s pose. We encourage you to hydrate your body before and after class and to not eat at least 2-3 hours before class.
  • What do I do if I have a pre-existing injury? If you have a pre-existing condition/injury, PLEASE make the teacher aware of this before class. If the injury is truly causing you pain, we ask that you do not attend class until the injury has had time to heal. If you have an injury that is healing and you want yoga to help you along that path, be certain you practice with awareness. Awareness is simple – it means “if it feels good, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t”. All of our yoga instructors offer verbal adjustments to help students with alignment, and to make a deeper connection with the practice and with themselves. Our teachers have all been trained in assisting students and giving adjustments. We are currently not giving hands on adjustments. At The Yoga Studio, our teachers are here to help you in any way they can, and they do adjustments for the purpose of “connection”, not “correction”. If for any reason, you do not wish to receive adjustments, please let the teacher know prior to the start of class. And most importantly, we believe that, as a yoga practitioner, you are the teacher. As you practice, you are constantly receiving feedback. Using the breathing technique we teach will allow you to “be present” and aware of this feedback, letting it guide your practice. Proper breathing, along with being focused and “tuned-in” to your physical practice, is the best way to prevent new injuries and/or soothe existing ones.
  • Do I need to sign up for class in advance? Yes! Create a Zenoti account for The Yoga Studio through our website using a valid email and phone number. Once an account is created you will be able to register for classes through The Yoga Studio website or download our mobile app for either your IPhone or Android Phone. All classes must be registered online prior to coming to class. Registration for classes opens 7 days in advance.
  • How do I cancel a class? All classes must be canceled 8 HOURS prior to class time through our website or mobile app in order to not be charged a late cancellation fee. If you cancel 8 hours before the class start time, you will be assessed a $10 late fee.  If you are a no show, you will incur a $20 fee. With the limited number of spots, please be considerate to your fellow yogis and cancel any registrations well in advance.

    Do I need to purchase separate packages to attend the other Yoga Studio locations? No! Your two week introductory special as well as any other package you purchase can be used at any of our three studio locations.

  • What should I expect when I get to class? We ask that you arrive ten minutes early to confirm your registration, ask questions and relax before class begins. We encourage students to take moments of “noble silence” (silence of body, speech, and mind) in the Yoga room before the start of class. Take advantage of this stillness as it may be the only opportunity to “just be” for the remainder of your day. We further ask all students to turn off cellular phones in the waiting area.
  • What should I bring to class? It is necessary to have the proper equipment for any physical activity and yoga is no exception. In doing so, we recommend and sell high-quality Manduka yoga mats that have a lifetime warranty and provide ample support for the body. In addition, our Yogitoes towels are designed specifically for mats during a hot yoga practice. As opposed to a beach or bath towel brought from home, quality yoga towels do not slide, provide extra comfort during seated postures, and assist in maintaining a clean surface. We currently are not providing mat and towel rentals so we please ask that you bring your own or purchase them for sale at the studio. In the attempt to promote environmental awareness, we do not sell bottled water at our studio, but, for convenience, do offer filtered water for free so please bring your own reusable bottle.
  • What should I wear to class? We do a variety of movements in class so your clothes should be able to move freely with you. With a majority of classes being heated we recommend clothing that is made of dri-fit or cotton fabric to help keep your body cool.
  • How old must I be to come to class? Students must be 16 years of age or older to participate. Parental consent is also needed for those ages 16-17. All students must fill out a New Student Waiver. Click here to download PDF. Students must register for class online prior to class and bring a signed waiver for their first class.
  • How should I prepare before coming to class?
    • Please drink plenty of WATER before and following practice. Keeping in mind, a minimum of two liters of H2O after hot yoga is suggested to provide rehydration. We also recommend adding electrolytes to your water or hydrating with fresh watermelon juice to ensure you are prepared for class as well as rehydrated after class.
    • A light, mindful meal, at least two hours prior to any yoga practice is suggested. Respect your body by eating nurturing foods suitable for your weight and health. Moderation is ideal as overindulgence of food, drug, or beverage will not only harm your practice and eventually your body, it may also contribute to light-headedness, nausea, and fatigue. With awareness, you’ll soon notice a yoga practice will help you in all areas of your life including healthier lifestyle choices.
    • Please respect others by entering your yoga practice with a clean body, leaving perfumes, heavily scented lotions and aftershaves behind.

For all in-studio classes, in order to guarantee your spot, please arrive 5 minutes prior to class as spots will then open to walk-ins and you will be subject to a no-show cancel fee.

If you have any other questions please feel free to email We want to connect with you!